The Internet as we know it:

Technologies, such as computers and the Internet, have become enmeshed in young people's lives. Among adolescents, the communication applications of the Internet such as instant message, blogs, and social networking sites e.g. Facebook are especially popular. It is becoming evident that the Internet presents risks as well as opportunities to adolescent development.

  1. Only 15% of parents are “in the know” about their kids’ social networking habits, and how these behaviours can lead to cyberbullying.
  2. 70% of children 7 to 18 years old have accidentally encountered online pornography, often through a web search while doing homework.

Some of the VBender features:

  • Block any unwanted content i.e. adds etc.
  • Switch the internet on and off as per requirement.
  • Select filters on YouTube and google searches which will automatically block harmful content.
  • VBender can filter any type of internet connection.
  • Block any updates on Smart Phones and PC’s that usually causes slow internet and too much data usage

Different device, different rules.

With VBender each device is setup with its own set of rules meaning internet access to mom and dad will be different to Melissa aged 15 and Ivan aged 9. The YouTube filter will be set at maximum to remove all harmful content for Ivan as opposed to Mom and Dad that do not need any filtering