The Internet as we know it:

The Internet is an essential and valuable tool for many successful businesses in the 21st century. In addition to keeping a vast amount of information at a person’s fingertips, the Internet provides an efficient means of communication, research, marketing and collaboration. Although the Internet can enhance the work environment, it also has negative aspects. Internet misuse has infiltrated offices, opening the door to lost productivity, liability and creation of a hostile work environment.

  1. Misuse of the internet in the workplace has escalated into a multi-million rand problem for business each year.
  2. Wastes 2.75% hours a week on personal browsing and social media participation.
  3. 70% of all web traffic (40 million viewers) to the world’s most trafficked free porn site occurs between 9am and 5 pm.
  4. Using Facebook at work is the biggest online time-waster.

Good bye policies… Hello VBender…

Having an internet usage policy in the business is essential, but enforcing these policies are one of the biggest challenges business faces today. The VBender product allows the company to enforce these policies, we can even go as far to say that once VBender is part of your business, policies will be a thing of the past

VBender – some features

  • Filter which sites and applications are allowed within the business
  • Filter adds on mobile devices as well as any other unwanted content
  • Filter in such a way that no updates can take place.

Updates.. The data hogger…

We all know that updates, being pc or smart device (Tablet, phone etc.) are one of the most biggest causes for data over utilization, which can create an increase in cost on data or slow the network down. VBender is the one product that can be used to not allow any updates into your business, on pc or smart device.

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