Why Archive?

Data loss & Theft: Statistics show that 26% of South African companies surveyed reported having lost data in 2013. The average hard drive will die within 5 years and a laptop is stolen every 5 seconds. POPI Act: The POPI act was signed into law on the 26th of November 2013. The POPI act is strict and has substantial penalties. Anyone who contravenes POPI's provisions faces possible prison terms and fines of up to R10-million.


Features and Benefits

T overheads down - taking pressure off the customers IT department, and saving money on outsourced technicians as well as reduce the reliance on manual backups

No huge capital outlay for the customer (Hardware, Licensing and Bandwidth)

Automation – Increase backup system automation, no more tape backups

Offsite storage of the backup – Data stored off site and replication between two data centres.


Virtual Differentiators

Dual Data Centers – One of the only providers to have 2 independent data centers with redundant links

Storage for all types of Data – Recovery Vault supports short term, Mission critical and long term Backups. Only backup solution to be FIPS 140-2 Certified

Heterogeneous Backup – Backup 80 different platforms without having to install and pay for separate plugins per platform

Autonomic Healing – Autonomic Healing sends notifications so a fix can be applied during the backup process, which ensures that backup data is constantly in a valid state


How secure is Virtual Backup?

With the only solution internationally to be used by the U.S Pentagon as well as all the U.S Banks speaks for itself regarding the security.


Product types:

Server Backup - This license is required to backup your onsite server

SQL Backup – This license is required to backup any SQL database to your requirement

Server Storage - The amount of space required for your server data to be backed up

Desktop Backup – Backup solution to backup your desktop

Mail Archive – Archiving mail solution on any Virtual Mailbox provided