The Team behind the FaxBox

The team at Virtual Fax are specialist in the faxing industry. With over 10 years of experience makes our team the most “WANTED” in the industry. Benefitting from Fax over IP technology that works all the time (“yes, this can be done”) is just one of reasons why the Virtual Fax solution is a must for all businesses.


What is the FaxBox?

The FaxBox is an innovative way of faxing using a normal Internet connection to send and receive faxes from and to a fax device. This means that no physical line is required any longer to send and receive faxes.


How does the FaxBox connect?



Porting of your existing fax number is a requirement if you would still like to receive faxes on your existing number after the FaxBox have been installed. Porting cost for a single number = R220.00 once off fee.


Difference between the FaxBox and other solutions.

Other solutions claim that they can provide Fax over IP, the true test is sending more than 10 pages at a time. The FaxBox can and have been tested with up to 250 pages in a single go. “A true hero in the fax world.”


Benefits of the FaxBox.

Not only being so versatile, some other benefits that the FaxBox provides is:

All faxes sent are sent at per second billing and at reduced rates.

All faxes sent and received are archived for 10 years at no additional charge.

Lighting damage is a thing of the past due to no connection directly to a landline.

No fixed lines required for the solution, faxing is now possible over Wireless and Satellite connectivity.


The cost of the FaxBox.

Device cost: R 2500.00 once off fee. Monthly service/line fee: R89.00 per month Setup and installation: R450.00 once off fee

FaxBox rental incudes line and device : R 189.00 per month



The FaxBox

Just add internet