What is "Managed Antivirus"?

Virtual takes care of installing antivirus software on all computers and other devices, and will then optimise all the settings based on your needs. We will ensure that all software stays up-to-date and that scans are scheduled for a convenient time, so as not to disrupt you. This is the ultimate solution for looking after your computers and protecting your devices and business from viruses.


The Ransomware Threat

Ransomeware poses a serious threat to your business. Opening a seemingly innocent email attachment may lead to malicious software blocking access to all your files. Hackers normally demand a sum of money to be paid for removal.

We offer the solution.

Our advanced antivirus will detect ransomware among other threats. However, caution should still be exercised when opening any suspicious files.


In the event of a recovery, the labour and call out is FREE

Consistent Security

All your devices updated with the same antivirus to ensure that systems are protected from any security threat.

Easy Management

Your antivirus will be managed by tech experts, thus bypassing any personal hassle or an overworked IT department.

Low-Cost Solution

This solution is offered as a monthly package paid per user.

Continual Management

Managed antivirus solutions cannot be uninstalled or disabled, thus ensuring reliable security.

True Protection

Our experts are trained to take care of virus infections quickly and efficiently, reducing the risk of vulnerable systems.

Virtual Antivirus - Setup Fees

Antivirus ServicesSetup Fee
(Per User)
Cost Per Month
(Per User)
PC Antivirus
(Single User)
R105R89 pm
SME PC Antivirus
(2 - 19 Users)
R75R79 pm
Mid PC Antivirus
(20 - 49 Users)
R50R59 pm
Corporate PC Antivirus
(50 - 100 Users)
R45R49 pm
Server Antivirus
(Per Server)
R175R199 pm

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